Activities on La Junta    Cochamó Valley

The Cochamó Valley is a paradise for lovers of nature, trekking and rock climbing. There is a huge variety of activities and trails of different difficulties, so we recommend you stay long enough to enjoy this natural wonder.


There are many trekking routes that you can start from La Junta, with different views and some more challenging than others, the most popular trails are Trinidad, Amphitheater, La Paloma and Arco Iris, here is a brief description of each of them.

Trail to La Junta

The trail to La Junta is a 13-kilometer trekk where you will climb 320 meters of altitude, although it may seem short, the average ascent time is between 4 to 7 hours (or more) depending on your physical condition and load that you carry in the backpack. If you are going to carry a lot of weight, it is advisable to lease horse to take your loads. We recommend you start the ascent early so you can reach La Junta by day, since at night it is very easy to get lost.

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Trinidad Mountain and Lagoon


From our campsite you start the trail to the Trinidad. The trail is steep, but you can help yourself using the roots of the trees. The ascent takes approximately 2.5 hours to the base of this impressive rock of 1000 meters high.


This hike is ideal to extend to the Trinidad valley and its lagoon.

It is about an hour more to walk, passing through a narrow part between the Trinidad and the Gorilla wall.

Then a beautiful valley opens, passing through a Lengas forest. At the end of forest you will find a small lagoon next to the granite rocks, a wonderful place to enjoy this natural environment. Here you can also witness the Chilean condor flying through these mountains.

La Junta, Cochamo, valle cochamo, camping, escalada, trekking, senderismo, sendero valle cochamo, cerro trinidad, laguna trinidad
La Junta, Cochamo, valle cochamo, camping, escalada, trekking, senderismo, sendero valle cochamo, cerro trinidad, laguna trinidad

Amphitheater Hill and The waterfalls


Starting also from our campsite and following the same path to Trinidad you begin your hike to Amphitheater.


After approximately 45 minutes the path is divided and you continue to the right. To reach your destination takes between 2.5 to 3 hours of walking. Upon arrival you will find an imposing granite rock amphitheater and wonderful views.


On the route to the Amphitheater you also have the option of going to see the waterfalls. Around middle of ​​your hike, you can turn right, where sign indicates and in about 10 minutes you will see the first waterfall, (very beautiful) and about 20 minutes down is the second waterfall, little smaller than the first.

La Paloma mountain


From the Toboganes the trail to La Paloma begins. This hike is more physicaly demanding and steeper than the previous two.


On your way you will find ropes that will help you in difficult places. You will walk through the forest of ancient trees for approximately 2.5 hours and when you least expect it, the forest opens and you find a view that will leave you speechless. From here you continue walking another half hour to reach the La Paloma glacier.

Arco iris Mountain


Without a doubt the most popular but also the most difficult, physically demanding and challenging. The Arco Iris trail is very steep and on several occasions you will have to help yourself with ropes to climb rocks or pass exposed places. But every challenge has its reward, when you arrive you will find a 360 ° panorama. You can see the Reloncavi estuary, the entire Cochamó Valley, the Osorno volcano and all the mountains from Chile to Argentina, really an impressive spectacle. Estimated time to reach the top is 4 hours.

Rock Climbing

If you love rock climbing, the Cochamó Valley or Chilean Yosemite is the perfect place for you, you will find walls and routes for beginners and also for experienced climbers.

In our campsite you can enjoy the magnificent Rock Island a rock in the middle of the river, which makes it the perfect place to practice your climbing skills since if you fall you will only cool off in the river. Also only 10 minutes away you will find the rock La Luna and La Cantina.

Natural Water Slides

One of the most important attractions of La Junta are the natural slides, really beautiful, you will love the color of the water and the magic of the place.


Please be responsible for your safety on the slides, remember that you are in the mountains and that a rescue will be very difficult and expensive.