Plan your trip

We want to give you some tips to make your stay in the Cochamó Valley an unforgettable experience.

The Cochamó Valley is a place to enjoy nature, tranquility and outdoor activities.


Please be respectful of other visitors and wildlife, avoid creating annoying noises at a night time, at the campsite we will inform you when it is.

1- Book in advance: Remember that you can only enter the trail showing your reservation voucher in the Access Control.


2- Entrance to the trail: You can enter the trail until 3:00 pm, plan your trip so that you arrive before closing time.

3- Accommodation at the beginning of the trail: If you want to sleep at the beginning of the trail we recommend Hostel and Eco campsite La Frontera Valle Cochamó

It is a very nice and quiet place on the banks of the Cochamó River, 500 meters before the trail starts.

4- Transport to the Valley: If you need transportation from Puerto Montt airport, Puerto Varas, Ensenada or from the Town of Cochamó we recommend you contact Pedro Barrientos official transport from Cochamó to the telephone numbers: +56 9 78956001 + 569-97895601

5- When to visit: Throughout the year the Cochamó Valley will enchant you with its landscapes, flora, fauna and activities.


From November to April weather conditions are good but you should consider that it can always rain, even in the hottest months.


From May to October you can also visit the Valley, in winter the mountains are snowy creating a spectacular panorama, but it is essential that you have an excellent camping and trekking equipment.

6- Camping and trekking equipment: Due to the weather conditions we recommend you bring a good tent that resists rain, also comfortable waterproof trekking shoes and waterproof jacket.

Build your backpack so that you do not carry anything in your hands and that your backpack feels comfortable and not very heavy, remember that the hike is 4 to 7 hours depending on the rhythm of each one. Check your camping equipment before starting your trip to make sure it is in good condition and that you have everything you need.

7- Check the weather for Cochamó.


8- Be responsible for your safety: The Cochamó Valley is a very popular place but very isolated, remember that you will be in the mountain range far away from any healthcare center (the closest is Puerto Varas) and a rescue is very expensive and difficult.

9- Food: We sell homemade bread, but in La Junta there are no businesses selling food or groceries, so it is important that you buy everything you need in the city or in the town of Cochamó. Do not forget the gas for your cooking equipment.